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Exquisite ingredients..

Dine in delight ….
Life long experience……

Your three wishes have been granted!

Come and feel spoilt. The aroma of the finest Bengali cuisine, the ambience of the authentic eastern delicacy, the flavor of the delectable dishes—all set to delight your senses of taste and sight, an enchanting blend for those connoisseurs of food who value the artistry of a fine dining experience.

Here at Bangla Kitchen we offer more than food—we give you an experience. An experience of savoring a culinary creativity coupled with our long decades of understanding. You will feel the difference here and would sure be enchanted. Our chefs are world-class; our menu has the right blend, our preparation is time-tasted and above all our service is something you will remember for a long time to come. Bangla Kitchen is full of vibrancy—with an interior delineating the cultural vibe of awesome Bangladesh. It’s a mini cosmos. Looking around, you will sense the comfort of a close knit home, a mother’s care, a loving tenderness, a friendly milieu—all intrinsic to a culture worth experiencing. Every minute detail has been scrupulously examined to ensure your time spent at Bangla Kitchen is something to be reckoned with satisfaction.   
Bangla Kitchen is a history in her own. Bangla Kitchen’s journey begun more than two decades ago in the heart of Bangladesh, when life was laid back and people would stroll by the streets with families and friends—a pure form of delightful simplicity. And out of that simplicity surfaced our passion of offering a sense of personal touch, an Asian value of serving our valued guests with the utmost of reverence and admiration. After a long but rewarding journey of experiencing, learning and growth here we are, amidst the vibrant cityscape of Brisbane—hoping to offer more, attract more and entertain the gastronomic craving of a massive and prospective customer base.

Our business is hospitality. But in the core, we are led by our innate philosophy of serving our customers with our magic and mystery of fine cookery. Whether you are new to the yet-to-be-discovered delight of Bengali cuisine or have a veteran taste bud—all your needs are taken care of by Bangla Kitchen’s team of experienced chefs and servers.

Come and feel yourself charmed. This is going to mark the beginning of an entertaining journey of your life.           


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